What is Bark?

An overview of Bark parental control service

Last published at: September 12th, 2023

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Bark is a paid parental control service that enables parents to do the following:

  • Monitor emails, texts, web searches, social media, saved photos/videos, and 30+ various apps.
  • View and schedule screentime
  • Block websites and apps (either expressly or by category)
  • Get real-time location and location alerts, as well as do location check-ins.
  • and more


Works on:

  • iOS Devices (iPhones & iPads)
  • Android Devices
  • Amazon Fire Devices
  • Chromebooks
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Microsoft Edge Browser

To view what bark monitors on these platforms, please click here: What Bark Monitors

To sign up for Bark Premium from United Fiber, go to https://unitedfiber.com/bark

For billing questions for United Fiber Bark Premium, please call 800-585-6454. 

For additional bark app support, view https://support.bark.us/hc/en-us