What areas do you service?

Last published at: June 6th, 2023

Our primary service territory is Northwest Missouri.


You can quickly check if your address is serviceable by visiting:

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Or give us a call at: 



The areas we service:

The following list may be incomplete. In some areas, we may not service all addresses. Please use the Smart Hub Service Check above or call us for the most complete information.

Albany, MO

Camden Point, MO

Cameron, MO

Clarksdale, MO

Country Club, MO

Darlington, MO

Dearborn, MO

Dekalb, MO

Easton, MO

Edgerton, MO

Excelsior Springs, MO

Faucett, MO

Gower, MO

Grant City, MO

Helena, MO

Holt, MO

Hopkins, MO

King City, MO

Lawson, MO

Maryville, MO

Maysville, MO

Osborn, MO

Pickering, MO

Plattsburg, MO

Saint Joseph, MO

Savannah, MO

Stanberry, MO

Stewartsville, MO

Smithville, MO

Trimble, MO

Union Star, MO